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Annual Music Tuition Payment Offer:
Pay for 11 months and get One Month's Music lessons for FREE!


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please note that this offer is valid only for currently enrolled Crossroads Students.
  2. The Annual Offer is Valid for 12 calendar months. Example: Annual Fee payment Offer availed and fee paid on January 2024 will be valid for 12 months, till December 31, 2024.
  3. The Annual Fee entitles students to approx 4 lessons per month (48 lessons per year).
  4. Any lessons availed over and above 48 lessons in 12 months will be charged pro-rated 
  5. If a student wishes to pause lessons due to health / travel / any personal reasons, an email or whatsapp message needs to be sent to Crossroads Admin or Accounts, stating exact period of pause a week before commencement of the break. 
  6. If proper communciation is not made to Crossroads Admin / Accounts Team, the validity can not be extended.
  7. Upon expiry of the 12 month period, the student has to renew their tuition. If they were unable to finish all 48 lessons, the lessons not done will be carried forwrd to the next quarter / year after successful renwal of the tuition.

Annual Fee Payment Offer

PriceFrom ₹29,376.00
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